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My passion for photography started as a young child when my dad handed me my first Kodak Camera.  Eventually, I graduated to more complex cameras and equipment.  I found that photography challenged me on many levels, as a creative visionary, technician, chemist, and engineer. But now with the digital age and all that it entails I find that the creative possibilities and challenges are endless, freeing the artist to think outside the box.

Those who think they can point and shoot their way to a photographic career are sadly mistaken, there are no shortcuts.  The creative eye comes from within the artist no matter what the technology.  "To see is the Art", and is what I hope convey in my work.

As a freelance photographer I am afforded a wide range of creative subjects, including the commercial venue, portraiture, events and fine art.

I am so excited doing what I love.


My passion for photography happened at an early age, when my Dad handed me my first roll film camera.  I was fascinated with the technical aspect as well as the images one could create with it.  For years, I studied film photography spending endless hours in the darkroom.  Then I discovered the growing digital age.  It was and remains fantastic; I found that one could make captures not only with the creative eye but also found there are technical possibilities never dreamed of before. This digital leap has given way to new visionary photographic forms in this creative field.  The possibilities are endless and are only hampered by the artist’s limitations. So, there I was taking classes and spending an inordinate amount of time experiencing this learning curve from camera digital capture to the web to the meaning of files and programs such as Tiff, Jpeg, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.  You get the picture!! (forgive the pun). 

This is an exciting time to be in the arts especially photography.  I think the learning curve is unending and limitless as I grow in this genre. All my work both color and black and white are done with digital capture in camera and the use of the “new age” darkroom, the computer and all the components that goes into creating works of art.   

Please visit my website at to look at a sampling of my work and for a calendar of upcoming events and exhibits.


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